Random October

These photos have been in my camera for the past three weeks from 3 different times of the month. I’ll admit they are quite boring… nothing spectacular…. (Just wait for the Halloween post!)

These are from when I went to Wicked in LA with Jason and his Dad. I kind of got lazy with the pictures so the only part of the day you see is the trip going to LA on the metro.

I have no idea when these were from, but we we were super hyper and thought it looked funny… I think you can tell why.

These are from Taco Cleaning Night. We watched the BBC America show, How Clean Is Your House? and got in a ridiculous cleaning mood. We cleaned the whole kitchen for 5 hours.. maybe more? In the end my kitchen was the cleanest it has ever been…. so we decided to make Tacos. We also found some discount Harry Potter cupcakes and thought they were funny, they came with potter rings!

By Jason

By Jason

By Jason

By Jason

By Jason

By Jason

He lost his lighter.

He lost his lighter.


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