Broken Car Window

So last week I got to school and noticed that my back passenger “port” window was broken. Its basically the one that is in the corner and doesn’t go up and down. It looks like some kid hit it with a ball or something while my car was parked on the street where I live. The crack resembles a spiders web, at least to me.

Anyways, this meant that I would be spending 1/2 of today at the Volkswagen dealer in Downey. To pass the time, I brought along the last half of the Nazi documentary I previously posted about. I found the film to be deeply moving and later realized what an odd / gloomy/ ironic topic to watch at a Volkswagen dealership, since the only reason the Volkswagen brand exists is because of Adolf Hitler. After that, I watched last weeks ‘The Office’ episode I missed for the Sounds show, and wow I loved it. When that ended and the boredom set in, I turned to the ever frequent and obnoxious Photo Booth montage.



He is too happy.

He is too happy.








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