Milk: The Film

I saw Milk last week.


Sean Penn as Harvey Milk

I love films, I watch a lot and like most. Milk was different though, its one of those movies that you haven’t seen before. I’m talking about those films that you’ve seen a thousand times but are just under a different title. The predictable ones that make you feel good, but don’t actually get you emotionally invested in the characters. Milk is nothing like this.

Milk is based on an actual movement that happened in San Francisco in the mid 1970s. The film does a great job telling a personal story of Harvey Milk and his role in the gay movement by using real footage blended into the story line. The acting was also amazing and even charming at times, Sean Penn really delivered another great role. Personally, its movies like Milk and Into The Wild (If you haven’t seen it, see it now!) that make me passionate about film and reminds me why I chose to be a film major.

Its a must see, go see it now!

If you’ve seen the film or are aware of Anita Bryant (religious zealot promoting civil restrictions upon homosexuals in the mid 1970s) I suggest you watch this video, it didn’t appear in the film but I kind of wish it did. haha


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