The Mouse That Roared


The Mouse That Roared

I love this film.

Originally the film was a satirical novel written in 1955 by Leonard Wibberley. The film, like the book, focuses on an imaginary country of Europe called the Duchy of Grand Fenwick. I’m not sure how true the film is to the book, but this movie is one of my all time favorites and I really can’t explain why.(Probably because Peter Sellers, my favorite actor,  plays 3 amazing characters!)

The Plot:

The Duchy of Grand Fenwick is a small European nation that is nearly bankrupt, so as a solution they decide to declare war on the United States of America. This is logical to them because as an occupied nation of the US, Grand Fenwick would receive aide to bolster their economy. They officially declare war on the US and send a small group of men to New York City. The group, out of sheer stupidity and luck, obtain a very disastrous tool they use for leverage and end up becoming one of the most powerful nations in the world.

Watch it!

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