Year One

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All I have to say is WHAT THE FUCK?!

Honestly, I really had no intention of seeing this movie, but my friend Jime invited me to the midnight showing last week so I decided to go.

This movie was just so disappointing, it really wasn’t that funny…. at all. The only thing I found humorous was Michael Cera’s little awkward comments throughout the film and the very disturbing oil rubbing scene, which I dare not explain.

This movie had so many cameos of really funny people. It’s just sad that none of it translated to a funny movie.

I found that Rotten Tomatoes’ review put it best:
Consensus: Year One is a poorly executed, slapdash comedy in which the talent both in front of and behind the camera never seem to be on the same page.”


I’m sure some people liked this film, but on a personal level I felt kind of cheated. It definitely wasn’t worth the $11 I paid (or will pay Jime; I still remember!) . It’s total gross for it’s opening week is up to $20,200,000 according to the LA Times website so I’m sure somebody likes it. Anyways, I’m sure these guys will have plenty of future hits and I wouldn’t go so far as to call this a bomb, but it’s definitely not a must-see either.


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