Men’s Volleyball: CSULB vs. UCSD

This was my first night shooting volleyball and it is sooo much harder to photograph. At least to me. They hit that damn ball so fast I barely had any photos with the ball visible. The telephoto lens was also annoying me because it would tend to focus on the things behind the players, which really bummed me out. I should have had so many better pictures if it had focused correctly. Anyway, it was my first time and I think I didn’t do too badly. Also, forgive my bland captions; I’m going to use the ‘I’m a photographer and not a writer’ excuse.

Dean Bittner serves

^ I like this one. I think it’s kind of funny looking too because 18 kind of looks like he’s standing on the other guy’s shoulders. ^_^

Antwain Aguillard (11) and Kyle Friend (6) block

^ Blurry :/

Conor Eaton serves the ball

^ I like this one; I think it looks really interesting because it shows the depth of the entire court from the CSULB server to the UCSD guards.

Antwain Aguillard goes to spike the ball

^ Ehhhhh

Jim Baughman (right) and Dan Alexander (left) guard.

^ I loved this one. It was the cleanest photo I took all night. Too bad there’s no ball in this picture :/

Dean Bittner and Antwain Aguillard block.

Dan Alexander goes to spike the ball.

Dean Bittner and Dan Alexander successfully block the ball.

Dean Bittner, Dan Alexander and Jim Baughman successfully block the ball.

^My favorite pic with the ball in it.

CSULB celebrates their victory

CSULB won 3-0

CSULB Sports Dept. Article: 49ers big night at the net leads to 3-0 win over UC San Diego

The Daily 49er Article: Dominating net play keys sweep of Tritons


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