Getty Project: Phase I

So, I have this museum project I’m working on. Specifically it only has to do with the Getty, but I might expand to LACMA and MOCA if it get’s too boring shooting in only the Getty. Anyways, I thought of this project because ever since I was young, my mother dragged me to local museums all the time. One thing that always struck me about the Getty is that so many different people come here to look at these masterpieces. So, I thought it would be interesting to do an expose on the people that visit the museum instead of the pieces of art  hanging on the walls.

Right now I’m just trying to get a feel of transition and filler photos. I’m going to do a lot of blurry people pictures- which I think look really cool.

^ I really like this photo, but I probably won’t use it. I used a super slow f stop to get the blurry effect. This also really darkened the walls; they look super cool though!

^I find this one funny because the person in the middle looks like they were moving like a pigeon or something.


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