49er Softball & Baseball – 3/13/10

So, the other day I covered both a softball and baseball game for the first time. Now, I’ve almost been hit by basketballs and volleyballs before and even though a baseball and softballs never got very close to me, I was very afraid. They throw those balls at like 100 mph!! Baseball was better, only because it was at Blair field which is nice field that I got to sit in the stands for instead of on the field.

Softball: CSULB vs. Purdue

For this game, I was on the field, literally up against the fence, hoping to God I wouldn’t be hit. From what I’ve read those suckers hurt. One thing I learned was that shooting an outdoor game in the afternoon towards the night time is really difficult. It’s frustrating as well, since the poor lighting makes it very hard to get decent photographs. A lot of them ended up blurry, even with my 70 – 200 mm lens with 2.8 f stop.

Sophomore pitcher Taylor Petty tied a season-high of eight strikeouts as the 49ers defeated Purdue, 8-4, on Friday at Mayfair Park. (caption by editor)

After an hour or so I left to go cover the Baseball game going on at Blair Field in Long Beach.

Daily 49er Notes on the softball game

LB State Athletic’s Box Score & article

CSULB won 8 – 4

Baseball: CSULB vs. Wichita State

This game was fun, but I learned some important lessons from my experience. 1) bring my Dad and or a friend 2) bring snacks – I forgot how long these damn games can be 3) bring heavier jackets and blankets and a hat AND gloves 4) get there early and claim a box right off the field.

LBSU first baseman Steve Tinoco attempts to make a throw to second during the Dirtbags' 8-0 loss to Wichita State, Friday night at Blair Field. The Beach was held to just four hits in the nonconference game. (caption by editor)

Daily 49er article

CSULB lost to Wichita 0-8


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