Baseball: CSULB vs. Pacific (2)

April 2nd 2010

OK, so this is the baseball game that I covered the day after I covered the other one. Which is kind of confusing since they’re only a night apart, yet CSULB was competing against the same team from the night before, Pacific.

I also learned that the box seat that I usually sit in, belongs to the Dean of the Justice Department at my school, CSULB. Haha yeah, I thought that was ironic. I also learned [more like reminded] to fully charge my battery since it died in the 8th inning and I wasn’t able to stay for the whole game, but it wasn’t really necessary by then.

Pacific is on home plate changing pitchers after CSULB took a strong point lead around the 6th inning. I just love how the CSULB coach looks annoyed at how long it's taking.

#24 pitches


and this one was in the school paper

CSULB wins over Pacific 8-2

Long Beach State Athletic’s Article: ‘Dirtbags take series with 8-2 win over Pacific’

Daily 49er Niner Notes April 2nd

AND, here’s another article from the Daily 49er about star Dirtbag [not an insult, it’s what we call our baseball team] Steve Tinoco accompanied with a photo I took:

Senior first baseman makes ‘no what-ifs or regrets’


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