WWaterpolo Big West Championship – Day 1

23 April 2010 – Big West Women’s Waterpolo Championship – CSULB pool

I had my very own ‘Big West’ Press Pass for this, which I found a bit unnecessary, but whatever. The conference begins Friday, the 23rd and continues until Sunday, the 25th. The match I covered was CSULB vs. UC Santa Barbara and would determine who would play the next day, Saturday.

This game was crazy. It went back and forth throughout the entire match. CSULB had an early lead, but then UC Santa Barbara took them over and from then on it just seemed that when one team would score, so would the other one. When both teams tied in the 4th quarter it took 2 overtimes, the latter being a sudden death match to decide the victor. The fans were also really interesting. There were some die hard cheerers like there always are, but I find there’s often more people who think they know better than the players and coaches at the waterpolo matches.

UCSB goes to throw the ball while CSULB goalie, #1, and #8 prepare to defend.

CSULB goalie jumps to defend the goal from a UCSB throw.

CSULB and UCSB players scramble for the ball in the close 4th quarter.

I love the splash in this one.

CSULB #9 passes in the 6th overtime period

CSULB #6 attempts a goal, but misses in the 5th overtime period.

Goalie Kristen Stragier and the rest of the Long Beach State women’s water polo team will host the Big West Conference tournament starting Friday at the 49er Campus Pool. The No. 6-seeded 49ers (8-19, 0-5 Big West) play No. 3-seeded UC Santa Barbara (17-10, 3-2 Big West) in a first-round match at 5:45 p.m. caption by editor / Daily 49er

In the end, the game ended with UCSB as the victor, but the match was so close that really both of the teams should be proud. I personally have no favoritism for any team sports. All I want to see in sports is a good competitive game where the two teams push each other to perform better and that’s what I saw today.

UC Santa Barbara won 15 – 14 over CSULB

Daily 49er article: ’49ers fall to UCSB after furious comeback’

Long Beach State Athletic’s: Wild Back-And-Forth Affair Ends In 15-14 UC Santa Barbara Win


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