The Player (1992)

I watched this severely ’90s  film in my Film History class this week and wow just wow. I’m still in shock from what I’ve seen.

Let me just jump into the crazy stuff they show before I get to the plot because the story has nothing to do with why you should watch this.  There was an unbelievable amount of cameos made by famous actors in this film, the best being Whoopi Goldburg. Just guess what she does… just guess… She plays with a tampon infront of Tim Robbins! She takes the string and twirls it in a circle as she questions Robbins about a murder that he’s suspected of committing and no one says anything about it! Oh and another favorite part of mine is when this creepy looking cop is outside Robbins’ office and we see him kill a fly with his hands. It doesn’t sound that funny, but it’s sheer cliche and hokey usage had me doubled over with laughter. The corniness of this film is well worth the time of watching it. They basically mock the entire business of film and it’s pretty damn funny.

The Player was directed by Robert Altman and written by Michael Tolkin.The plot revolves around this one producer, Tim Robbins, who ends up killing a writer, who he thinks is sending him harassing and threatening postcards. So, he does what any a-hole producer would do… he covers up his involvement and starts to date the dead writer’s girlfriend. However, after the writer’s death he continues to receive these threatening postcards so he starts to go a little crazy with paranoia. Robbins successfully covers up his involvement, but these cops, Whoopi and this creepy looking cop that likes killing flys a lot think he’s the murderer so they follow him. I won’t ruin the ending, but it consists with a lot of selling out and unlike most films, ‘the bad guy’ gets away with it.

Oh and you get to see Robbins’ junk in the movie, which I could have really done without. (ewwww)  Go see it!…. but if you don’t wanna see Robbins’ stuff just look away for a minute when he gets out of that mud-bath. You’re welcome for the warning.


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