Homemade Twinkies

Enough said, right?

I made these yesterday and they are very yummy. Unfortunately, I kinda under-baked them so mine aren’t that pretty, but who cares they still taste amazing. ^_^

some picture I found on google image search

This recipe is super easy and you don’t need any special pan to do it either (but it helps!). I got the idea and recipe at The Cooking Photographer blog, and she linked to this youtube video (seen below) of Todd Wilbur making homemade twinkies without that special pan. So, I just followed the video instead, which can be seen below.

Homemade Twinkies

*makes about 16 to 12 twinkies*

Ingredients for cakes:

(1) 16 oz box of Pound Cake mix – I used Betty crocker

4 egg whites

2/3 cup water

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F.

Whip the egg whites until stiff. In a separate bowl, mix the cake mix and water. Then fold the egg whites into the cake mixture, then beat with hand mixer until combined. Fill the molds halfway and bake 22 – 23 mins. Bake until golden brown and a toothpick comes out clean. Mine took longer in the tin foil molds.

Ingredients for cream filling:

2 tsp hot water

1/4 tsp salt

2 cups marshamallow cream / fluff ( the whole 7oz jar)

1/2 cup shortening

1/3 cup powdered sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

For the filling, mix the salt into the hot water to dissolve. Let it cool. Combine marshamallow, shortening, powdered sugar and vanilla in bowl and mix until fluffy. Mix in the salt water.

When the cakes have cooled, poke holes into the bottom of the cakes with a chopstick and wiggle it around to create a cavern inside the cake. Fill with cakes with cream filling using a pastry bag.

These can be stored in a wax paper-lined container for a few hours before serving. It helps if you let them sit for a few hours before eating since the cream really melds with the twinkies.

9 thoughts on “Homemade Twinkies

  1. I actually don’t have those either. It’s really hard if you don’t have the icing metal tips though. I ended up just cutting a line down the twinkie and creating a little cavern with a knife and just spreading it in that way. They didn’t turn out so pretty that way.

    I typically use plastic bags with a corner tip cut off to frost things, but you really need the metal piping tips to force the frosting into the twinkie. If you have a kitchen injector gun (or whatever you call it) that’ll work just fine. It’s worth it just to get a few cheap piping tips. ^_^

  2. WOW these look good. I might risk buying the twinkie pan though depending on how much they are. Did you use the pastry creme gun or what type of contraption did you use to fill yours? I notice you just made these or you just posted these so how many did your recipe make? Did you use the foil to make twinkie molds? I know too manyy questions but I am seriously thinking of making these. TY =)

  3. I use a resealable sandwich bag. Fill the bag with the filling, seal the bag and then cut the tip of the corner of the bottom of the bag. You now have a generic pastry bag, and throw away when done.

  4. saw the link to this on FB, have to say that is impressive! can that poundcake mix be used for other fillings? like custard or strawberry cream? do you have to use shortening? and… heh… would your version keep for an eternity?

  5. Haha all good questions. In fact in the youtube video I included in the post, Tom Wilbur opens a box of twinkies that he’s kept for 10 years. They really don’t look edible :D As for the different cream filling flavors, that would be a great idea. In fact, I think I’ll try that next time, thanks for the idea. I guess, you don’t have to use shortening, but I read somewhere that shortening works best. Some experimentation wouldn’t hurt though.

  6. I used the foil method, they don’t turn out quite so perfect looking if you do this compared to the pan. Oh and make sure to generously spray the foil with cooking spray before you fill them with the batter otherwise you’ll have a heck of a time getting them out!

    The recipe in my post makes about 12 to 16 twinkies. As for filling them, I didn’t have a pastry bag or steel piping tips to use, which would have really helped. You can use a baggy, with a cut off tip to pipe the filling in, but steel tips really help.

    Hope that answers everything. :)

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