Memorial day a la plage

Sorry, I didn’t include the accents over the French words in the title, but I forget the keyboard shortcuts. If anyone knows them I’m on a mac, remind me!

Anyways, my friend Jime, her boyfriend Travis, Joey and I went to Sunset Beach for Memorial Day. It wasn’t even that crowded. It’s funny how I live so close to the beach, yet never go.

a wet Travis laid on top of Jime = mad Jime

So, Jime smashed a twinkie in his hair

Then they buried me

Then we buried Jime.

It was fun. ^_^

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!


2 thoughts on “Memorial day a la plage

  1. Oh shut up, you look good in all these photos! Which one don’t you approve of? I can remove it if you like.

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