Beverly Hills

So, I got an internship with Canyon News in Beverly Hills and I just started last week. I’m working in their Photo, Editorial and Graphics departments. I only go in on Mondays, which is good because it takes forever; I’m really starting to hate the 405.

Anyways, as a beginning assignment I was sent to take pictures of the surrounding Beverly Hills area. The photos are meant to show how I see Beverly Hills, and these are my faves.

Rodeo Drive

This guy locked his keys in his car.

Their parking meters take credit cards! So weird.

Lana Marks, the designer of Lana Marks handbags!

Crumbs Cupcakes - I'm totally getting some on Monday.


2 thoughts on “Beverly Hills

  1. AMAZING eye! Inspirational. i feel it… ive always wanted to always cary a camara with me and snap the world the way i see it…

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