My 21st Birthday


Like my friend so cleverly put it, I don’t even have to keep track of my age after this birthday aaand she’s kinda got a point. I can legally do everything a ‘responsible adult’ can. I can rent a car, I can go on a cruise, I can book a hotel room in Vegas [future post] and most importantly I can legally drink alcohol. I feel kind of goofy about that part though because I’m not like super excited that I can get wasted if I want, I don’t even drink often at all. I’m just excited I can buy wine to use in tomato sauce and beer I can drink casually. I also love bar environments because they’re so friendly and casual, so I’m excited for that most of all.

Anyways, I got this awesome cake from Jime. I’m so easy to please. Seriously, just give me food and anything with animals [and in particular cats] on it and I’ll love it. Jime combined both of these things therefore making this the best cake I have ever received. Oh and it’s Funfetti! my favorite.

The only thing is that Jason got me a cheesecake, and my mom made me a white cake with raspberries so I now have waaay too much cake. Like an inordinate amount of cake… I guess I’ll take it as a challenge!?

Some guy on dailybooth said that I should hide in a closet and finish it all. I thought that was hilarious, but too pathetic so instead I’m giving it away to anyone who will take it. Please someone help me eat all this.

I’ve also become obsessed with DailyBooth over spring break. This is my account >  BallenaLeigh


Happy 20th Jason!

This post is late … sorry! But hey, I was punctual on the big day.
When I saw this, I just thought 'JASON'.

When I saw this, I just thought 'JASON'.

Happy Birthday Jason!

I can’t believe how fast these past years have flown by. We’re all grown up! (well technically, anyway) There are so many things for us to experience in our lives and I’m happy knowing that I can share them with you. I’m so proud of you and I can’t wait for our future adventures. I love you and wish you nothing but the best.

– Jenna

P.S. Hope you enjoyed the jar of frosting! Aannnnnd Is there any cake left? haha

My 20th Birthday

April 6th was my 20th birthday. No I don’t feel older, but I do feel more grown up if that makes any sense.

So, the 6th was the monday I go back to CSULB from spring break (happy freaking birthday to me). When I walk out of my apartment I find this:






Jimena Gamio had post-it graffitied my front door. haha it was really cute and funny.

Jimena you are so funny and I’m happy we are best friends, I love you so much. (You are really good at birthdays!)

Happy Birthday Jimena!

So I know this is really really REALLY late, but Happy Birthday!


I love you so much, and even though we don’t see each other as often as we should, I feel closer to you than 99.9% of people in my life. We get each others nerdy-ness and obsessions. There isn’t anyone else like you in my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love you!