New blog!

My new blog is here at WordPress and can be found here.

I just felt that I needed a new blog since so much time has passed since I’ve updated this one. The new one is called Ballena Leigh and it’s where I’ll be updating from now on. Thanks for your time everyone!



Cat-sitting Wilson

So, this is Wilson…

I realize this has red-eye, mom, but I like how it's in one eye. Haha that's not a cop out I know how to remove it. I just kinda like it in this photo

He looks like a lion with little Ugg boots and he enjoys sitting like this…

His mommy and daddy are in Brazil right now.

So, he’s my little grandpa diva for the next month. I won’t miss the 5:30am wake up calls he makes when he wants a window open. He is growing on me though :]

Beverly Hills

So, I got an internship with Canyon News in Beverly Hills and I just started last week. I’m working in their Photo, Editorial and Graphics departments. I only go in on Mondays, which is good because it takes forever; I’m really starting to hate the 405.

Anyways, as a beginning assignment I was sent to take pictures of the surrounding Beverly Hills area. The photos are meant to show how I see Beverly Hills, and these are my faves.

Rodeo Drive

This guy locked his keys in his car.

Their parking meters take credit cards! So weird.

Lana Marks, the designer of Lana Marks handbags!

Crumbs Cupcakes - I'm totally getting some on Monday.

Memorial day a la plage

Sorry, I didn’t include the accents over the French words in the title, but I forget the keyboard shortcuts. If anyone knows them I’m on a mac, remind me!

Anyways, my friend Jime, her boyfriend Travis, Joey and I went to Sunset Beach for Memorial Day. It wasn’t even that crowded. It’s funny how I live so close to the beach, yet never go.

a wet Travis laid on top of Jime = mad Jime

So, Jime smashed a twinkie in his hair

Then they buried me

Then we buried Jime.

It was fun. ^_^

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!

Happy New Year, 2010!

Greetings from Hurricaine, Utah!
Lucky for us, there’s a Blue Moon tonight. From here it looks huge, unfortunately it doesn’t look as big in the photo as I see it. (I need more lenses!)

We leave for our one night in Las Vegas on Saturday and then Sunday we’re back on the road to go home. I’m getting so fat here, Jason’s mom is a really good baker and cook. It’s nice to get away and come to Hurricane, but I really need L.A. soon.

Happy New Year everybody!

It’s so odd to think that it’s already 2010.

P.S. I found this DIY thing to make a steadicam. I want to do it!