I’m freeee

I finished my Media Law class yesterday and am officially on break for the first time in 10 months. Ahhh, I can’t wait to forget everything I’ve learned! .. and if you didn’t get that I was being sarcastic, I was. ( I hate how things like sarcasm are lost in written word )

I’m so used to being busy and stressed all the time that I can tell I’ll get ancy within a couple weeks.

Next semester, in the Fall, I’ll be taking 21 units. Why? Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that I enjoy seeing how much procrastination I can get away with. Which is a lot as proof by spring semester. I’m still in shock from the good grades I received. The stress nearly killed me so I will not be doing that again. My poor hypothalamus.

At least now I know I really deserve my San Francisco and Spain trips coming up in mere weeks. YAY! Have a good summer everybody and for those still in summer semester, Good Luck and remember summer is easier than normal semesters.



I’m not sure why but I’m really in the mood to write right now. I think its more of the sound made by the keys. haha I feel like this post makes me sound high or something but whatever, I’m in a really odd mood. I changed my major yesterday, officially, to Journalism and also a major in Film and Electronic Arts (which I have to apply for because it’s impacted) with a minor in Geography. I’m afraid to actually plan out my schedules. I am going to have sooooooooo much work ahead of me, considering that I was planning on studying a completely different area. Buuut I’m super excited to get started.