Laura Amiss

Ok, so every once in a while I take a post to kind of pimp an artist I’ve recently found and really like. I stumbled upon Laura Amiss via Etsy and really like her mixed use of textiles and illustrations. I think her designs are really playful and her stuff has an interesting style. Below are some of my faves…

I REALLY like the Amsterdam one (a.k.a. I want it). Check out some of her other designs from her Etsy page and website by clicking on the links below.

This is her Etsy page.

This is her website.


I’m obsessed with Peep Show and you should be too

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Peep Show is on Hulu so you have no excuse not to watch it. Even Netflix, last time I checked, only had the first season, but Hulu has the first through the fifth! I watch this show almost every night before I go to bed and it always makes me laugh out loud.

Basically this show is about Mark and Jeremy, friends from college and flatmates in Croydon, South London. The characters themselves remind me of the odd couple, but so much funnier. Mark is the more serious and financially successful one who is pessimistic about nearly everything out of his tiny comfort zone. Jeremy, or Jez, is free spirited and cocky often thinking his looks and musical skills are higher than they actually are. Stylistically the show uses point of view shots with voice overs of Mark and/or Jeremy’s inner thoughts. It’s these inner thoughts that provide the bulk of the comedy seeing as they constantly comment on their sexually frustated lives.

So when you’re trying to avoid homework, waste some time, or just watch anything, WATCH THIS SHOW.