CSULB W.Vball vs. Rutgers & UNLV

CSULB – Walter Pyramid
Friday, August 27, 2010.

1h30 game: CSULB vs. Rutgers

Caitlin Ledoux (1)

Daily 49er article: ’49ers dominate Rutgers in season opener’

7h30 game CSULB vs. UNLV

Junior outside hitter Caitlin Ledoux (1) fires a kill past UNLV's Sekola Falemaka (21) in the first set Friday at the Walter Pyramid. The 49ers swept the Rebels, 3-0. Jenna Skarzenski / Daily 49er

Caitlin Ledoux (1), Lauren Minkel (15), head coach Brian Gimmillaro and Janisa Johnson (10), from left react after the 49ers took a 7-4 lead over the Rebels in the third set. Jenna Skarzenski / Daily 49er

This one is blurry, but all of their expressions are amazing. I just wish it was sharper.

Daily 49er article: ‘Rebels no match for LBSU in sweep’


2010 Special Olympics

**Wow, I’m REALLY late with this. I kinda failed in the whole ‘posting in a timely manner’ department**


On June 12th and 13th, the Special Olympics was held on the CSULB campus and I was there to cover it for the Daily 49er.

Before this year’s 2010 Special Olympics, I had never been to one. I had consequently, never really understood this program until I went this year and saw for myself how wonderful it is for everyone involved. The whole event has such a united spirit that even when I was surrounded by strangers, I felt a lot of love. I don’t believe I’ve ever been anywhere, where you could literally feel such genuine affection and goodwill.

These are my favorites.

A participant carries a paper Olympic torch during the Opening Ceremonies of the Special Olympics.

^ This one is SO CUTE. The kid just makes me smile.

Participants cross the finish line in the Women's 50 meter dash.

^ The guy standing in the runner’s lane was a part of volunteers who all stood behind the finish line to greet and stop the runners. Some of their interaction together was really sweet, like the moment I caught below.

A runner greets one of the volunteers who cheered and greeted him at the finish line.

Two girls who competed in the 50 meter run stand on the platform to receive their Gold and Silver Olympic medals.

Runners of the 50 meter dash stand on the podium to receive their medals.

The happiness of the competitors and volunteers was so infectious that I was smiling the rest of the day. After I left, I whole-heartedly knew why they created this event; It’s to put a smile on all of those kids’ faces and when they smile, we smile because it’s just so damn cute.


The Daily 49er article: Athletes come together for Olympic competition
The KTLA blerb about The 2010 Special Olympics

WWaterpolo Big West Championship – Day 1

23 April 2010 – Big West Women’s Waterpolo Championship – CSULB pool

I had my very own ‘Big West’ Press Pass for this, which I found a bit unnecessary, but whatever. The conference begins Friday, the 23rd and continues until Sunday, the 25th. The match I covered was CSULB vs. UC Santa Barbara and would determine who would play the next day, Saturday.

This game was crazy. It went back and forth throughout the entire match. CSULB had an early lead, but then UC Santa Barbara took them over and from then on it just seemed that when one team would score, so would the other one. When both teams tied in the 4th quarter it took 2 overtimes, the latter being a sudden death match to decide the victor. The fans were also really interesting. There were some die hard cheerers like there always are, but I find there’s often more people who think they know better than the players and coaches at the waterpolo matches.

UCSB goes to throw the ball while CSULB goalie, #1, and #8 prepare to defend.

CSULB goalie jumps to defend the goal from a UCSB throw.

CSULB and UCSB players scramble for the ball in the close 4th quarter.

I love the splash in this one.

CSULB #9 passes in the 6th overtime period

CSULB #6 attempts a goal, but misses in the 5th overtime period.

Goalie Kristen Stragier and the rest of the Long Beach State women’s water polo team will host the Big West Conference tournament starting Friday at the 49er Campus Pool. The No. 6-seeded 49ers (8-19, 0-5 Big West) play No. 3-seeded UC Santa Barbara (17-10, 3-2 Big West) in a first-round match at 5:45 p.m. caption by editor / Daily 49er

In the end, the game ended with UCSB as the victor, but the match was so close that really both of the teams should be proud. I personally have no favoritism for any team sports. All I want to see in sports is a good competitive game where the two teams push each other to perform better and that’s what I saw today.

UC Santa Barbara won 15 – 14 over CSULB

Daily 49er article: ’49ers fall to UCSB after furious comeback’

Long Beach State Athletic’s: Wild Back-And-Forth Affair Ends In 15-14 UC Santa Barbara Win

Track & Field: The Beach Invitational

17 April 2010 – Cerritos College – Falcon Field

The Beach Invitational was held last weekend at a nearby community college. I was able to get onto the field with my pass, but I still had to pay $5 dollar parking… not cool. Haha the pass usually takes care of that, but the guy wouldn’t budge. Anyways it was an all day event, I believe from 9am to 7pm. The Beach Invitational is the only 49er hosted event of the season.

Cerritos’ Falcon field is the only track and field facilities in good enough condition to be used for college track in the Long Beach area.

Chris Sweeney competing in the 400 meters. Jenna Skarzenski / Daily 49er

I find this photo amusing because before I cropped it, and you can still kinda see it, there was a man standing in  front of an astro van with his arms crossed. It looked so odd. Like a rape van or something that I had to crop it. It’s still so distracting to me, but I like Sweeney’s position the best.

Chris Sweeney crosses the line just ahead of teammate Alex Goldberg as they finish second and third, respectively in the fifth heat of the men's 400 meters race at Cerritos College on Saturday. caption by editor / Daily 49er

Richard Crawford, right, crossed the line in 11.03 seconds in the men's 100 meters. caption by editor/ Daily 49er

Nimrod Piggee, seen here in the 100 meters, finished eighth in the 110-meter hurdles with a time of 14.65 seconds. caption by editor / Daily 49er

Denise Nunez clocked in at 2:16.99 in the women's 800 meters. caption by editor / Daily 49er

Katrina-Graves Johnson finished in a six way tie for the sixth in the women's high jump. caption by editor/ Daily 49er

Stephanie Glick posted a leap of 35 feet, five inches in the triple jump. caption by editor / Daily 49er

I found this event so odd. It’s called the triple jump and the athletes have to jump three times, the last into the sand. I know about the long jump, but the triple jump just seems like extreme skipping to me or something.

I missed the hurdle events which really bummed me out because they make really good photos.

An interesting side note is that an Olympic Gold Medalist, Felix Sanchez competed in the 400 meter hurdles event. Sanchez had won the gold for the Dominican Republic in the Athens 2004 Olympics. CSULB’s Kenneth Medwood did not compete in the same race, but Sanchez did win the top mark of the event with his 46.67 time. However, Senior Kenneth Medwood established a new school and meet record of 50.37 seconds in the same event.

I was kind of fun shooting track and field. The only key to shooting these events is to be organized and have a list of which events are going on at which times, with the names of your target athletes. Since this was my first time, I didn’t think of that, but luckily the Sports Editor, Danny Lee, was there and let me know when our athletes were competing.

For more figures check out the articles below.

The LB athletic’s department article: “Medwood sets school record in 400-meter hurdles at Beach Invitational

The Daily 49er article: “New school hurdles record established at Beach Invite”

WWaterpolo: CSULB vs.UC Davis

April 10, 2010.
CSULB vs. UC Davis at LB state’s pool

I’m not that into Waterpolo so I don’t have much to say. The game was pretty good I guess, both teams kept up with each other until the very end. When CSULB managed to tie 6-6, forcing the game into overtime. I left around then, but CSULB wasn’t able to score after that.

CSULB lost to UC Davis 6-8

LB Sport’s Dept. Article ‘LB State falls to No. 18 UC Davis 8-6 in overtime’