Baseball: CSULB vs. Pacific (2)

April 2nd 2010

OK, so this is the baseball game that I covered the day after I covered the other one. Which is kind of confusing since they’re only a night apart, yet CSULB was competing against the same team from the night before, Pacific.

I also learned that the box seat that I usually sit in, belongs to the Dean of the Justice Department at my school, CSULB. Haha yeah, I thought that was ironic. I also learned [more like reminded] to fully charge my battery since it died in the 8th inning and I wasn’t able to stay for the whole game, but it wasn’t really necessary by then.

Pacific is on home plate changing pitchers after CSULB took a strong point lead around the 6th inning. I just love how the CSULB coach looks annoyed at how long it's taking.

#24 pitches


and this one was in the school paper

CSULB wins over Pacific 8-2

Long Beach State Athletic’s Article: ‘Dirtbags take series with 8-2 win over Pacific’

Daily 49er Niner Notes April 2nd

AND, here’s another article from the Daily 49er about star Dirtbag [not an insult, it’s what we call our baseball team] Steve Tinoco accompanied with a photo I took:

Senior first baseman makes ‘no what-ifs or regrets’


Baseball: CSULB vs. Pacific

April 1st 2010 at Blair Field. – a home game for CSULB

I don’t feel like putting captions right now… I will tom kthnxbye

CSULB pitcher #24 was hit in the shoulder by a ball, but was able to continue pitching.

Daily 49er – ‘Dirtbags fooled by Pacific in Big West Opener’

LB State Sports website – ‘Gagnon’s effort lost as Dirtbags fall 2-1

Men’s Volley: CSULB vs. Stanford

March 27th, 2010 at the Walter Pyramid.

I actually have audio from this game so I might make a multimedia slide show….. in the near future.

Stanford fans cheer on the favored Cardinals

From Left: Jim Baughman, Dan Alexander and Dean Bittner all attempt to block the ball. (caption by editor)

The CSULB men's volleyball groupies, I mean cheering section modeled Pirate outfits this game.

… as opposed to the cowboy and indian theme from the Penn game.

Antwain Aguillard (11) had eight kills on .700 hitting for the 49ers. (caption by editor)

The 49ers celebrate a point in between sets.

Senior Dean Bittner (18) paced the 49ers with 15 kills and six digs in a three-set loss to No. 1 Stanford on Saturday at the Walter Pyramid. (caption by editor)

Stanford's Evan Romero (5) swatted 18 kills on .438 hitting to pace the Cardinal's 3 set win. (caption by editor)

Dean Bittner goes in for a kill.

CSULB lost 3 sets in a row to Stanford.

Stanford won: 30-28, 30-22, 30-21

CSULB Sports Dept. article: ‘LBSU drops 3-0 decision to No. 1 Stanford in MPSF action’

Daily 49er article: ”The Beach unable to swing away at Cardinal”

CSULB Men’s Volleyball vs. Penn State

March 13th 2010

The match was part of the Active Ankle Tournament held at the Walter Pyramid Saturday night.

LB State lost 3 sets in a row to Penn State

Penn State won 30-28, 30-28, 30-27 – all three matches were close, but in the end LB State was edged by Penn.

Daily 49er article: Beach men edged by just a whisker

49er Softball & Baseball – 3/13/10

So, the other day I covered both a softball and baseball game for the first time. Now, I’ve almost been hit by basketballs and volleyballs before and even though a baseball and softballs never got very close to me, I was very afraid. They throw those balls at like 100 mph!! Baseball was better, only because it was at Blair field which is nice field that I got to sit in the stands for instead of on the field.

Softball: CSULB vs. Purdue

For this game, I was on the field, literally up against the fence, hoping to God I wouldn’t be hit. From what I’ve read those suckers hurt. One thing I learned was that shooting an outdoor game in the afternoon towards the night time is really difficult. It’s frustrating as well, since the poor lighting makes it very hard to get decent photographs. A lot of them ended up blurry, even with my 70 – 200 mm lens with 2.8 f stop.

Sophomore pitcher Taylor Petty tied a season-high of eight strikeouts as the 49ers defeated Purdue, 8-4, on Friday at Mayfair Park. (caption by editor)

After an hour or so I left to go cover the Baseball game going on at Blair Field in Long Beach.

Daily 49er Notes on the softball game

LB State Athletic’s Box Score & article

CSULB won 8 – 4

Baseball: CSULB vs. Wichita State

This game was fun, but I learned some important lessons from my experience. 1) bring my Dad and or a friend 2) bring snacks – I forgot how long these damn games can be 3) bring heavier jackets and blankets and a hat AND gloves 4) get there early and claim a box right off the field.

LBSU first baseman Steve Tinoco attempts to make a throw to second during the Dirtbags' 8-0 loss to Wichita State, Friday night at Blair Field. The Beach was held to just four hits in the nonconference game. (caption by editor)

Daily 49er article

CSULB lost to Wichita 0-8

Men’s Basketball: CSULB vs. UC Davis

January 30. 2010 – CSULB vs. UC Davis
There were so many fouls called, it was ridiculous.

#21, Larry Anderson, tries to find a way to pass the ball into play.

#15, T.J. Robinson shoots over a UC Davis player

#2, Eugene Phelps tires to break past the defense

^ LOL. Imagine my surprise to see ppl carrying Carrot top’s dismembered head into the stands right next to me. It was an odd sight. The ppl behind the basket, in the stands, use these big cut outs to try to distract the challenging team’s players from scoring baskets. I just found them hilariously delightful.



CSULB won 80 – 58

CSULB sports article: Phelps scores career-high 21 points to lead LBSU to Big West victory over UC Davis

Daily 49er article:

CSULB stats

CSULB team roster

Men’s Volleyball: CSULB vs. UCSD

This was my first night shooting volleyball and it is sooo much harder to photograph. At least to me. They hit that damn ball so fast I barely had any photos with the ball visible. The telephoto lens was also annoying me because it would tend to focus on the things behind the players, which really bummed me out. I should have had so many better pictures if it had focused correctly. Anyway, it was my first time and I think I didn’t do too badly. Also, forgive my bland captions; I’m going to use the ‘I’m a photographer and not a writer’ excuse.

Dean Bittner serves

^ I like this one. I think it’s kind of funny looking too because 18 kind of looks like he’s standing on the other guy’s shoulders. ^_^

Antwain Aguillard (11) and Kyle Friend (6) block

^ Blurry :/

Conor Eaton serves the ball

^ I like this one; I think it looks really interesting because it shows the depth of the entire court from the CSULB server to the UCSD guards.

Antwain Aguillard goes to spike the ball

^ Ehhhhh

Jim Baughman (right) and Dan Alexander (left) guard.

^ I loved this one. It was the cleanest photo I took all night. Too bad there’s no ball in this picture :/

Dean Bittner and Antwain Aguillard block.

Dan Alexander goes to spike the ball.

Dean Bittner and Dan Alexander successfully block the ball.

Dean Bittner, Dan Alexander and Jim Baughman successfully block the ball.

^My favorite pic with the ball in it.

CSULB celebrates their victory

CSULB won 3-0

CSULB Sports Dept. Article: 49ers big night at the net leads to 3-0 win over UC San Diego

The Daily 49er Article: Dominating net play keys sweep of Tritons