Multimedia Slideshow: Art of the Masses

Ehhh so I kind of hate this video for very anal retentive reasons. I can’t help but watch it and see everything I don’t like and need to fix.

I made this video for my Photojournalism final this semester. I’m not happy with it yet, there’s things I want to improve, but I can’t change any of it until next semester. I really want some editing software like Final Cut, but it’s disgustingly expensive to legitimately buy it.

In the video, I explore what art means to people and why so many people visit museums all over the world. The audio of that one commentator is really polluted with the outdoor garden sounds so that’s why it’s so hard to hear. Sorry about that. It really bugs me, but I’ll fix it eventually.

Regardless of my doubts, I FINISHED! So, I’m very proud of that fact right now. :]