Arizona Law SB1070 protest in LA


On Monday, July 26, protesters  held signs over the 101 freeway overpasses in downtown Los Angeles to protest the controversial Arizona SB1070 law. The group held the banners in the morning and afternoon rush hours as cars passing honked in support. This undoubtedly added more strain to the typical LA rush hour traffic. The law is set to go into effect this Thursday.

Jenna Skarzenski / Canyon News

The next day, Tuesday, the 27th, a small group gathered in front of the downtown Edward R. Roybal federal building to also protest the Arizona SB1070 law. This group consisted of SCIC, Freedom Socialist Party members and others who made speeches to the press about the law and their beliefs.

Protestors gather signs that protest the Arizona SB1070 law outside the federal building. Jenna Skarzenski / Canyon News

John Parker, the West Coast Director of International Action Center, speaks at the protest. Jenna Skarzenski / Canyon News

Adrien Alvarez, President of Association of Latin American Gardeners of LA, 'calls for justice' at the protest. Jenna Skarzenski / Canyon News

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Multimedia Slideshow: Art of the Masses

Ehhh so I kind of hate this video for very anal retentive reasons. I can’t help but watch it and see everything I don’t like and need to fix.

I made this video for my Photojournalism final this semester. I’m not happy with it yet, there’s things I want to improve, but I can’t change any of it until next semester. I really want some editing software like Final Cut, but it’s disgustingly expensive to legitimately buy it.

In the video, I explore what art means to people and why so many people visit museums all over the world. The audio of that one commentator is really polluted with the outdoor garden sounds so that’s why it’s so hard to hear. Sorry about that. It really bugs me, but I’ll fix it eventually.

Regardless of my doubts, I FINISHED! So, I’m very proud of that fact right now. :]

2009 Los Angeles AIDS Walk

For more information, look here: AIDS Walk


volunteers cheered the crowds on




On an unrelated note: I want a puppy!

Anonymous protesters heckled the AIDS walkers as they progressed down the street.

Anonymous protesters heckled the AIDS walkers as they progressed down the street.


Walkers respond to the protesters by cheering even louder.

Volunteer Ken Hansen, 44, tries to drown out the protesters as he encourages runners on.

Volunteer Ken Hansen, 44, tries to drown out the protesters as he encourages runners onward.

Walkers hug and kiss infront of the protestors.

Walkers hug and kiss in front of the Anti-Gay protesters.

A walker makes a heart with her hands to the protestors

A walker makes a heart with her hands towards the protesters.



An anonymous protester heckles the walkers.


my opinion:

The best part of this event for me was laughing at these protesters. Honestly, this had nothing to do with them. It was a day where people came together to help raise money for AIDS research and last time I checked it’s a pandemic that afflicts both heterosexuals and homosexuals. I must admit that I stayed in this area because many of the walkers would become energetic as they passed and responded to these protesters. It was fascinating to witness.

This anonymous protester that I ellude to in the above pictures refused to give me his name. It was kind of funny because he told me to “make one up.” and I replied with “I’m a journalist, I can’t make things up.”… It felt kind of great to say that to him, seeing as I couldn’t say what I was thinking.

Random October

These photos have been in my camera for the past three weeks from 3 different times of the month. I’ll admit they are quite boring… nothing spectacular…. (Just wait for the Halloween post!)

These are from when I went to Wicked in LA with Jason and his Dad. I kind of got lazy with the pictures so the only part of the day you see is the trip going to LA on the metro.

I have no idea when these were from, but we we were super hyper and thought it looked funny… I think you can tell why.

These are from Taco Cleaning Night. We watched the BBC America show, How Clean Is Your House? and got in a ridiculous cleaning mood. We cleaned the whole kitchen for 5 hours.. maybe more? In the end my kitchen was the cleanest it has ever been…. so we decided to make Tacos. We also found some discount Harry Potter cupcakes and thought they were funny, they came with potter rings!

By Jason

By Jason

By Jason

By Jason

By Jason

By Jason

He lost his lighter.

He lost his lighter.