WWaterpolo Big West Championship – Day 2

25 April 2010 – Big West Women’s¬†Waterpolo¬†Championship – CSULB pool

I don’t have much to say. I’m really stressed out about getting all my final stuff done. 2 weeks!

Daily 49er: “49ers go winless in Big West”


WWaterpolo: CSULB vs.UC Davis

April 10, 2010.
CSULB vs. UC Davis at LB state’s pool

I’m not that into Waterpolo so I don’t have much to say. The game was pretty good I guess, both teams kept up with each other until the very end. When CSULB managed to tie 6-6, forcing the game into overtime. I left around then, but CSULB wasn’t able to score after that.

CSULB lost to UC Davis 6-8

LB Sport’s Dept. Article ‘LB State falls to No. 18 UC Davis 8-6 in overtime’

Men’s Basketball: CSULB vs. UC Davis

January 30. 2010 – CSULB vs. UC Davis
There were so many fouls called, it was ridiculous.

#21, Larry Anderson, tries to find a way to pass the ball into play.

#15, T.J. Robinson shoots over a UC Davis player

#2, Eugene Phelps tires to break past the defense

^ LOL. Imagine my surprise to see ppl carrying Carrot top’s dismembered head into the stands right next to me. It was an odd sight. The ppl behind the basket, in the stands, use these big cut outs to try to distract the challenging team’s players from scoring baskets. I just found them hilariously delightful.



CSULB won 80 – 58

CSULB sports article: Phelps scores career-high 21 points to lead LBSU to Big West victory over UC Davis

Daily 49er article:

CSULB stats

CSULB team roster